All-Inclusive Platform for Energy Communities

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What do we do?

We convey comprehensive support for Authorities, Local Action Groups and energy businesses looking to create, support and participate in local Energy Communities.

  • Public actors

    can promote awareness among citizens, use the platform to deliver its expertise, map energy actors in their ecosystem, and collaborate with stakeholders for energy community development in their local areas.

  • Citizens and Local groups

    can get support in their local language from energy experts in their area, access best practices and interactive learning materials, identify financial resources to enhance energy initiatives and connect with peers and providers for collaborations.

  • Service providers

    can engage through matchmaking, showcase expertise, and tailor solutions while actively involving the local community.

In this platform stakeholders can find, integrated in one single place:

  • Guidance, best practices and information on different themes for the development of an Energy Initiatives
  • Interactive learning material
  • Matchmaking opportunities and energy experts assistance in your local language.

Would you like to promote and/or support your local community creating an Energy Community?

We SUPPORT LOCAL ENERGY OFFICES and LOCAL COMMUNITIES supporting and creating energy communities STEP-BY-STEP.

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How does it work

Whether you are a citizen, an energy office or a business interested in Energy Communities; whether you already set up your Energy Community or you are moving your first steps we got you covered!

Guidance hub

Training hub

Opportunity hub

Guidance hub

This hub guides you through essential materials to kickstart your project!

We have organised this interactive resource collection as a a step-by-step storyline framework:

  1. Initiation: Set down the initial ideas about the energy community. Get inspired and kickstart!
  2. Design: Define a business plan: secure fundings, identify technologies and make a cost-benefit analysis. Consolidate your ideas!
  3. Implementation: Define statutes and install infrastructures. Make your project real!
  4. Operation: Maintain and improve the activities of your Energy Community. Explore new opportunities for growth and expansion!
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Training hub

The Training hub serves as a collector of all the knowledge and training produced for the LIFE-BECKON project. We are excited to openly share those materials to all the actors interested in developing or supporting the set up of Energy Communities.

8 brand new videos providing insights, tips, and tricks on fundamental themes regarding Energy Communities. Stay tuned!

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Opportunity hub

This is a Matchmaking space for Energy Initiative Promoters and Technology&Service Providers. Here you can publish your needs, make public your project and connect to relevant experts and providers in your area.

Access your Local Area of interest or explore International Events!

Do not find yours? Subscribe and we will create a new one when there are other users interested in your region!

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you are a citizen, an energy office or a business interested in Energy Communities; whether you already set up your Energy Community or you are moving your first steps we got you covered!

Can I participate in an Energy Community?

You can if you are a citizen, a small/medium enterprise, non profit organisation, a social group, a large corporation, a local/regional administration.

What type of support can I expect?

Local authorities can support you in kickstarting your energy community project. They can provide insights into local conditions and options, guide you to assess suitable financial, technical, and legal solutions, and equip you to engage with technical advisors. Moreover, local authorities can give advice on fostering community engagement in your project.

The support you receive from your local authority varies depending on the context. Contact your local authority for information on how they can assist you.

In any case, the Guidance Hub, Training Hub and Opportunity Hub will equip you with our growing and comprehensive set of materials, and you will be able to learn from success stories and connect to your peers.

What if my city/region is not listed (Opportunity Hub)?

Let us know, we will launch a replication campaign and your area can be included!