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LIFE-BECKON supports a wider range of local authorities, energy agencies and energy communities in starting out or proceeding in their efforts to support collective energy actions. Therefore, LIFE-BECKON launched an open call for replication on 16 October 2023. The goal is to enable local authorities to set up Technical Assistance Offices (TAOs) and to familiarise them with the concept of energy communities, empower them to create spaces for such citizen-centred energy projects and support them.

We invite local and regional authorities, municipalities in cooperation with energy communities and energy agencies to apply for the open call for replication to receive the following support and service package and come on a learning journey with LIFE-BECKON:

  • Access to the LIFE-BECKON One-Stop-Shop (OSS) platform providing guidance to information, documents, templates you need for your specific needs; in addition, you get access to our pilots community and to experts who can assist you
  • Participation in 3 half-day workshops in which you learn from our pilots how to run a successful OSS and about adequate business models, legal frameworks etc.
  • 3 Webinars / trainings + 15 Direct one-hour support sessions / mentoring session + 1 Webinar on how to use OSS
  • Light technical assistance
  • Information in your local language (“How to”-technical paper for public authorities; Country-specific guidelines for replicating OSS locally)
  • Access and exchange with the networks of Climate Alliance, the Covenant of Mayors and the Climate Pact

Apply now here!

For questions send us an email at with the subject: “Replication Call” and we will get back to you

The deadline for applications is 15 February 2024. Applicants will be selected soon after, and the learning programme will start in March 2024.

Be part of a huge community driving forward the energy transition via energy communities!

Who can apply?

  • Municipalities by themselves, 
  • Municipalities in cooperation with energy communities
  • Local authorities such as regions by themselves or in cooperation with energy communities
  • Local or regional energy agencies looking to support energy communities.